Other Projects & Affiliations



I currently contribute periodic blog posts to the envirobites.org website on topics related to land use, water quality and freshwater pollution. The site is a collaborative initiative that aims to bring environmental science research to the general public in a digestible form that is easy to read and understand. Sister sites include astrobites and chembites. Each website features founders and contributors from the graduate and post doctoral scholar communities who are committed to effective science communication and have participated in the flourishing ComSciCon series of workshops.

Bass Connections: LIT HoMESInnovations_Cover

Over the course of the 2014-15  academic year, I was part of a unique experiential learning experience made possible through the Duke University Bass Connections Program in Energy. Together, my colleagues from across the university and I spent the year planning a one day summit that took place in late February. The focus of the summit was: Leveraging Individual Transitions to Home Ownership to Motivate Energy Savings (LIT HoMES). Participants attending the summit have since contributed time and effort to fleshing out the ideas presented there for inclusion in a source book titled Innovations in Home Energy Use: A Sourcebook of Ideas for Change, published by RTI Press in December, 2015. The book is currently available on Amazon.

Duke Green Devil

The Duke Green Devil project was a regular bi-weekly column I wrote for the Duke student newspaper The Chronicle for two years from January, 2010 to December, 2011. The column covered the University’s efforts to meet the Climate Action Plan goal of becoming a climate neutral campus by 2024 as well as efforts to tackle other issues related to sustainability. An archive of past columns can be found here or here.



Gund Institute for Environment, University of Vermont

I am currently honored to be an affiliated postdoctoral scholar at the newly formed Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont. The Gund brings together a diverse population of scholars from across campus and around the world that are each interested in addressing the global sustainability challenges of our day. It’s an exciting time to be a member of the community as the mission and future directions of the Gund take shape.

Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce

During my time at Duke, I had the privilege to be affiliated with the research group at the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce. Led by Director Jay Golden, the Center leverages partnerships, research and education to address the complex challenges arising from global commerce to provide governments and industry with innovative strategies, tools and solutions.

Lake Meddybemps Association

The Lake Meddybemps Association (LMA) is a volunteer based, citizen science organization based in Meddybemps, Maine, USA that is focused on the preservation and well-being of the water and lake quality of Meddybemps Lake. The lake is located in Washington County, Maine. For three years from 2012-2015, I was honored to lead this dedicated group of volunteers and citizen scientists in their mission of ongoing lake monitoring, education, and outreach. Prior to my tenure as President and Vice President of the organization, I served as a board member, a position to which I returned and now continue to serve the organization. More information can be found here.



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