Full of Steam Ahead

The currency of the doctorate is publications. Or so I’ve been told. In all other respects, time in the doctoral world is fluid—a sometime viscous, sometimes thin fluidity. This week, projects that have been lingering, linger on, while new projects are tumbling forward with great rapidity. And the challenges of getting it all done with an infant are every present.

Last week, the LIT HoMES summit was a fantastic success. As the lone doctoral student on the project team, I will be heading up the editorial duties for the follow-on publication—a book that will likely be made freely downloadable with on-demand printing. I’m excited to be learning the ropes of this new world of publishing on the one hand, and managing a number of diverse author groups on a tight deadline on the other. Getting my name on a book cover and attached to some book chapters won’t be half bad either! In fact, it’s one of my life goals, so there’s that.

But while the book takes off, an article in preparation for several years lingers on with the promise of new analysis and a complete re-write on the horizon. Sometimes it’s hard to stay excited about something that seems so ephemeral in its finalization. Since it’s an idea that is at the core of what brought me to my program, to this state, and to academia, the desire to keep at it comes from someplace deep. Or from an enthusiastic co-author. Flowing on.

So what of that adorable infant? He’s doing great, but the child-care situation is not. Being a mother in the professional world is tough, seems backward, and at times is challenging in its ridiculousness. More on that in later posts. While the kiddo sleeps, it’s time to get back to work!

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