Weather Watch

Now that the sensors are out in the field happily logging away, it’s time to watch the weather so the next phase of the 2015 Summer Field Campaign can kick into gear.

I’m looking for ideal UHI conditions: calm winds, clear skies, no precipitation… for several days in a row. This weather pattern allows the thermodynamic processes that create the heat island to take shape without being obscured by additional, hard to model factors in the atmosphere. It’s the ideal time to take measurements, and I’m looking for a 48+ hour period of good weather to complete the transect phase of the campaign which will require driving the transect (see Maps Page) every 4 hours for 24 hours.

A window may be emerging…


But it also maybe not… the forecast not only keeps changing, the wind profile is a bit high, and the threat of rain could put the whole thing off.

So for now, I wait, and watch the weather.

…Oh! And build a sensor mount for the car so I’m ready when the weather is!

Stay tuned.

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